Emergency Services

Your Trusted Name for Emergency Roofing Services

Whether your roof has been damaged because of a storm, hurricane, tree fall or otherwise, we can repair your roof in no time! We are available to you around the clock, so you can rest assured knowing that Standpoint Construction is here for you when you need it most.

With the constant rain that we experience in the area, the roof is the most important part of your home. Don’t let a minor roof leak turn into a major roof leak by leaving the source of the problem unrepaired. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality roof work for both homeowners and commercial patrons throughout our community.

Signs You Need Emergency Roofing Services

Roof Debris

Tree limbs that have fallen on your roof have probably done all the immediate damage they can do, but debris, such as broken tree limbs, poses additional threats. It is important to have debris removed from the roof as soon as possible so that it does not have the opportunity to break a window or hurt anyone when it falls.

Spilling Gutters

If your gutters are clogged and you notice sheets of water flowing over the top of the gutter, it means that water cannot reach the downspout. The water pouring over the gutter’s edge can damage your roof as well as the shingles. It can also oversaturate the exterior of your home, the landscaping, and the foundation, which will cause more damage.

Missing/Damaged Shingles

If you notice a significant number of missing, damaged or warped shingles, call for emergency repairs. Shingles are there to protect your roof from the elements and missing or damaged shingles open the door for leaks and water damage.

Roof Penetration

This is easily the most serious problem a homeowner faces after or during a storm – penetration of the roof. In addition to letting wind and water inside your home, it also allows the storm access to more vulnerable parts of the roof. This type of damage requires timely emergency roof repair services.

Reliable Emergency Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

We're a team of highly trained and fully licensed roofing professionals working for you. When you call Standpoint Construction, we’ll get you started with a free roof inspection so that we can identify the source of your roof’s problem. From there, we’ll provide you with our estimates and recommendations for you to choose from. We will even work with your home insurance company to help get you the coverage you deserve for your roof damage claim.