Roof Repair

Roof Repair Experts

Roof repairs are vital for maintaining the strength and longevity of your home’s or business’s roof. Hiring an experienced, well-known roofer helps, too!

When you need roof repairs make sure you contact the experts at Standpoint Construction.

We proudly serve homeowners and business owners with a wide range of roof repair services.

Routine Roof Repairs

Even if your roof is never in the path of a hurricane or a major storm, sooner or later, it will need repairs. Everyday rain, wind, sun, and the simple passage of time can all cause damage to your roof.

When that happens, call on us. Our experts can quickly tackle the problem and make sure that your roof is strong, sturdy, and protecting your property as it should. Plus, we make sure to use the best materials and provide affordable repairs.

Free Storm Damage Inspection

Blown-off shingles, loose flashing, dents, or a damaged sealing strip are examples of visible damage you might notice after a storm. However, there’s some damage that could be brewing underneath your shingles, inside your home, or in other areas that can be hard to see or reach. That’s what inspections are for! We can provide free inspections to homeowners and business owners after a storm to see just how much damage their roof sustained.

Our inspections are thorough and can determine whether storm damage repairs are needed right away or should be made in the future. We catch problems before they get worse, so call us for a free roof inspection if you need one. As part of our free inspections, we provide free photo reports so we can show you the damage you should have fixed.

Insurance Claim Assistance

After a storm or serious damage occurs, you should always call your insurance company. Roof repairs can be costly, especially if the cause was out of your control. We’ll help you throughout the entire process of filing a claim.

Count On Us For Quality Roof Repairs

Roof leaks, blow-offs, tenting, ponding water, missing or loose shingles, shrinkage, and blistering are common signs that your roof requires repairs. Standpoint Construction can fix any and all issues with your home’s or business’s roof, no matter how extensive the damage might be or what type of roof you have.

We work on all types of roofs and have access to products from renowned manufacturers such as Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF, to name a few. When your standing seam, TPO, clay tile, modified bitumen, concrete, or slate tile roof needs repairs, look no further than the dedicated team from Standpoint Construction

Contact us today for quality roof repairs.